Coaches vs Cancer
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Coaches vs Cancer; Bigger than the Game

Cancer can’t take a time out; neither can we.

Due to COVID-19, cancer patients are more vulnerable than ever. Funding groundbreaking research and providing access to care, like rides to treatment and free lodging for cancer patients, is at risk. Patients, caregivers, and families are counting on us to fight this disease no matter what the circumstances.


Donate now to fund cancer research, education, advocacy, and patient and family services.

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Coaches vs Cancer Youth Initiative

The Coaches vs. Cancer School and Youth Initiative is a program designed to encourage student-athletes, coaches, fans, parents, athletic directors and local communities to become involved and make an impact in the fight against cancer.

From basketball courts to lacrosse fields and from football fields to running tracks – any COACH, TEAM, REFEREE, COMMUNITY MEMBER and BUSINESS can be a part of the Coaches vs. Cancer program!

Contact us today to join our team!

    Past Honorees

    2018 Clarkie Carrol, Daniel StClair & Mike Hopkins

    2017 Mary Ann Donnelly & Mike Brey & Doug McClaine
    2016 Friends of Jaclyn Foundation & Tom Izzo
    2015 Fran & Margaret McCaffery & Peter Hooley
    2014 Jim Calhoun & Rick Bennett
    2013 George Karl & Don Bassett
    2012 Bobby Cremins & Bob Curley, John Murray, Ken Raymond

    2011 Steve Lavin & The Teeing Off On Cancer Committee
    2010 Brian Fruscio & Albany Academies / Matt & Jacob Shell
    2009 Jamie Dixon & Brendan Finneran
    2008 Gary Williams & Joe Watroba
    2007 Phil Martelli
    2006 Jim Boeheim

    Planning Committee

    Stephen Aguglia
    Jamie Brown
    DJ Carstensen
    Peter D’Aloia
    Amy Gerling
    Jeff Holmes

    Josh Jennings
    Ken Jubie
    Doug Keenholts
    Kathy Lanni
    Barb MacDowell
    Doug McClaine

    Mike O’Malley
    John Palmeri
    Michael Raymond
    Lizzie Schlegel
    Lee Serravillo

    Rebecca Smith
    Ryan Venter
    Rico Viscusi
    Travis Wilson

    “Never underestimate the grit a kid develops after watching his mom battle stage 4 cancer. I let him see me sick. I let him see me weak. I let him see me shave my head. I let him see me at my worst. And then I let him see me get back up. Both my sons are being raised to understand that bad things happen, that we don’t always have control of outcome, that situations don’t always end in our favor. ...but we always have control of perspective. I never hid the cancer from him. We talked about it then and we still do. I let him know some days I struggle. But every time I get back up, it’s a reminder that he too is a fighter, that he too is meant to rise. To me, that grit, is a hell of a gift to give him. 🤍I think it’s worth noting, that if you know my son, you’ll see he wear a survivor’s bracelet on his right arm- always- as a reminder that like his mama, he too is a fighter. His dad wears the same bracelet. How can I not be grateful that I get to be his mom? How can I not be grateful to see him live out that grit? Tag a #survivorsister Always rooting for you!!!” -Katy

If you were just diagnosed or need someone to talk to, our cancer helpline is here for you 24/7/365. 1-800-227-2345.
    The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have a serious impact on many people, including cancer patients, their families, and caregivers. As vaccines become available to help protect against COVID-19, we’re here to help you find answers to questions you might have about them.
    “I felt peace because I had a plan, I was nervous and anxious, but not as much as I had been before. I wasn’t familiar with chemo or radiation, but at least I had a plan.”

Learn more about how Coral persevered through her cancer journey:
    2021 Cancer Facts & Figures are here and they show a record drop in cancer mortality rates for the second year in a row! Click the link in bio to read more. #attackingcancer #acs
    Did you know there are several world-renowned scientists on your American Cancer Society staff? Together, they are conducting lifesaving cancer research. Every day. Learn more:
    Quitting nicotine, at any age, increases your lifespan. If quitting is one of your 2021 resolutions, let us help you make a plan and stick with it:

We’re right behind you 💪
    “Chemo #4! I'll be honest, I'm starting to feel a little worn down now that I'm halfway through. At the end of round 3 I was able to enjoy a much-needed long weekend camping trip, but then reality hit me right back in the face. I'm trying to keep up the positive attitude but I appreciate your continued support these days. This is my very first marathon and I'm now officially on the second half 😊” -Daniele

Ongoing support for cancer patients and caregivers is at risk because of the pandemic. Your #AmericanCancerSociety is here to help. Get the information you need by visiting
    Stay updated with the latest information on Covid-19 and cancer:
    January is Cervical Health Awareness Month. The most important risk factor for developing cervical cancer is infection with human papillomavirus (HPV). The American Cancer Society recommends the primary HPV test as the preferred test for cervical cancer screening for people 25-65 years of age. 
Learn more: