The Capital Region’s Very Own Penny Lane?!

Keep up with the latest happenings at the American Cancer Society’s HopeClub on Penny Lane to find out how the Capital Region is leading the fight against cancer!

It’s true – the Capital Region has its very own Penny Lane just like London’s street made famous by the Beatles in their hit song “Penny Lane.”

And honestly, we think ours should be made famous too, but not because of The Beatles, because our Penny Lane is saving lives Every. Single. Day.

How? Well, what you could call the “HQ” of the Capital Region’s American Cancer Society is located here. This “Local HQ” more formally known as the American Cancer Society’s HopeClub & Don LeDuke Family Center makes it possible for volunteers, donors, survivors, patients, families, children and staff to come together year-round to donate their time and treasure to support the American Cancer Society’s mission to free the world from the pain and suffering from cancer.

Some of us are lucky enough to know what goes on behind the scenes of the Capital Region American Cancer Society. We get to see firsthand how we as a community are making a difference and we are inspired by it every day.

We know that so many of you don’t have front row seats like us, so we’re inviting you to keep up with “The Latest from Penny Lane” so you can hear from our volunteers, staff members and community on the who, what, where & why we are so passionate about fighting cancer on Penny Lane.

Lizzie Hunter
American Cancer Society Staff