Our “Why” Behind Our 2018

“Raising money for this is such an incredible thing cause without it, I wouldn’t be here right now” – Craig Allen

Our events are SO much more than just a fun night out in the Capital Region. Each one is helping in funding groundbreaking cancer research, like finding better treatment plans for our loved ones diagnosed.

  • They are funding lifesaving patient services like rides to treatment for our friends who couldn’t otherwise get there
  • They are providing hope and inspiration for anyone who has heard the words “You Have Cancer”

Our events show the Capital Region coming together as one huge support group fighting for each of us impacted by the disease.

Take a look for yourself how our 3 “Distinguished Events” brought our community together to support, inspire and join forces in the fight against cancer:


“We’re blessed in a lot of ways but the fact is until we can get rid of cancer there is more work to be done.” – Bill Lia, Jr.