Going “Beyond the Peak”

We were able to talk with Andrew Murphy (Beyond the Peak Photography) – who donates his time and skills at our events – about his “why” on his involvement with the American Cancer Society

Why do you choose to support the American Cancer Society?

Both of my grandparents lost their battle with cancer, one with prostate cancer and the other with brain cancer. I saw what it did to them and it has motivated me even more to fight this. I support the ACS because I want to make sure nobody goes through the battle alone and that one day we defeat cancer.

What can we tell the Capital Region about Beyond the Peak Photography?

Beyond the Peak Photography does lifestyle, event and portrait photography. I have shot wedding proposals, engagement photos, landscapes and high school yearbook photos. I shoot to let the subject express themselves in their own way. I want to capture the raw authenticity of the individual, that’s where it is most beautiful. Feel free to check out my work at beyondthepeakphoto.com.

Why do you feel it is important to support charities in the community?

I was always brought up on the concept of giving back. It’s important to me to give to a good cause. I feel a duty to help others in the community.

How long have you been a partner of the American Cancer Society?

I have been working with the ACS on a photography basis for almost 2 years, but was involved with Relay for Life for about 4 years.

What is your most memorial part of our partnership?

Shooting the Red White and Blue Party and being a part of the moment when we all light candles was super touching and extremely moving (see below picture). It made me want to fight even harder.

Why do you feel that the Capital Region is lucky to have the ACS right in our community?

Cancer affects so many people. I often listen to Jimmy V’s speech at the ESPY’s and it is important to never give up. The fact we have such a strong organization in the ACS right in the Capital Region says a lot about the people of this community. WE are dedicated and willing to do what it takes to support families and individuals fighting cancer as well as donating whatever we can to fund research so one day we all can beat cancer.